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John Romankiewicz is a recent MS/MPP graduate from the Energy & Resources Group and Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He served as Co-President of the Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative and was a leader of the Cleanweb Berkeley community, through which he has organized clean energy hackathons on campus. Prior to grad school he lived in Beijing, New York, DC, and Berkeley working as a research analyst and program manager for a range of organizations including Bloomberg New Energy Finance, State Department, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. John was a 2007 Fulbright Scholar in China, where he made the popular video blog China’s Green Beat. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2006 with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, where he was co-founder of a chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World. When he’s not studying, he is working on his food bike (Jian Bing Johnny’s) and honing his eco-raps. His nickname is Sustainable John, or “Susty” for short. Feel free to get in touch at sustainablejohn |at| gmail |dot| com or follow on Twitter @sustainablejohn

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own. –JPR

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    How do I “Like” the Hike, Mic and Trike?

  • Sam Marquit


    My name is Sam Marquit, I am an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value I am wondering if you’re interested in featuring me on your blog because I would love a chance to speak with your readers about the idea of environmentally responsible tourism as it’s applied in modern day travel and stay.

    If you think this topic, or any other for that matter, would be of interest to your readers, please let me know and I can begin drafting up something that I believe will mesh with your blog very well.

    I look forward to hearing back from you; hopefully we can work together on spreading the word on important topics like this as they relate to environmental awareness!

    I look forward to hearing from you,


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