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Taste test: Chinese New Year party at LBL

2012 January 26
by susty

It is now the year of the dragon, and that means it’s time to celebrate! My research group had a huge Chinese New Year party up at the lab which dozens of people attended. All of my group’s members brought in Chinese dishes and snacks for all to eat. I got to try out my jian bing skills and recipes here as well as my new electric griddle which I purchased at Target for only $40 (hurray for cheap Chinese imports!). The crepe trowel was also a good addition (I’m holding it in the picture above) and found a good mixture for the batter (2 parts white flour to 1 part soybean flour). Before it was 1 to 1, and just too peanut-y. This batter will do for now although I’m still looking to work in some of the mung bean flour that is so prevalent in China. I bought some mung bean flour finally at an Indian store in town, but it seems very different from Chinese mung bean flour. Something doesn’t smell right. I think Chinese and Indian mung beans and mung bean flours must be very different. At the event, I made over 20 jian bings and received a lot of rave reviews! Check it out!

  • Hayesmith

    You look like a professional!

  • Angel Hsu

    Awesome video!

  • Amanda Meier

    Good jian bing technique!

  • Vance

    A man who loves the fine art of jianbing as much as you:

    Tim said he might be at the Bay Area BEER, this week so keep an eye out for him.

    • Anonymous

      that’s a gorgeous video and an almost identical method that i’m pursuing. i’ll watch out for Tim! have met him once before.

  • Alvin

    Just saw this. Awesome. Keep up the good work.

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