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Jian bing trike + my first customer!

2012 August 28

This past weekend was very exciting for Jian Bing Johnny’s. On Friday, I went to pick up my new jian bing trailer, designed and crafted by Kick Trailer. The entire trailer, with the exception of the wheel base, is made from reclaimed materials. Kick Trailer is also associated with Rebooty, an awesome art + furniture shop in Oakland that also primarily works with reclaimed materials. I biked the trailer about 8 miles home (route here), including going up some mean hills. It was definitely a difficult journey (and I kinda screwed up my bike a bit), but once I was on flat Telegraph Ave, it was smooth sailing.

The design has some awesome features including a little kickstand, a backdoor for swapping out propane tanks, little wings on the side for extra storage/utility space, a folding cover that doubles as a signboard, ample storage space, holes for all my ingredient containers, etc. Admittedly, I did originally want to have a Beijing-style flat bed tricycle, but this option is way better in terms of storage, signage, and sturdiness.

On Sunday, my friend Ray Deng came over to help me take some promo shots. I’m lucky to have such a talented photographer for a friend. Click below to advance the pictures.

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I had my trailer out near the sidewalk for the photo shoot. My neighbor Luis came out, so I served him up a jian bing. He wouldn’t stop talking about how much he loved it. He wants me to come down to the Oakland courthouse where he works and serve jian bing to his bailiff and judge buddies. Later, a couple with their baby were strolling up the sidewalk. I offered them a jian bing. It turns out the lady had lived in Shanghai and has been waiting seven years to have a jian bing. She scarfed the whole thing within a few minutes, and then I made her husband one as well. I said these ones were free as part of product testing, but they insisted on giving me $6 for the two. My first paying customer! Another funny encounter was when I was on the street biking around and two black men in a car with big chrome rims on rolled up and said, “What you selling? Sno-cones? Cheeseburgers? …. Crepes?? What the hell is a crepe? Man, you selling to the wrong n*!” and then drove off. Well, that was entertaining… I mean, c’mon guys, you didn’t even try it!

Everyone prepare for the launch of Jian Bing Johnny’s! On Friday September 7, I will be out at First Friday’s Art Murmur in Oakland, hawking jian bings and hanging with friends. Come one, come all! Website, twitter feed, and logo to follow shortly. Stay tuned.

  • Mikey P in Beijing

    Loving it from the Motherland! Can anybody say Jianbing World Championships?

  • Mike Romankiewicz

    congrats on the first sale- off to a great start

  • Peter Leykam

    Awesome! I just moved to Oakland from Beijing (where we have some friends in common). Psyched to get some Jianbings from you at murmur…

  • Juan Sikikutiq Caballero

    i don’t know you but i already know i love you

  • Josh

    When are you opening up an NYC franchise?

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