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HOT BIKE: mobile and delicious

2012 June 27

San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, waiting patiently at a stop light, how civil!

This past weekend, some friends and I attended the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, a pedal-powered music and everything-bicycle extravaganza. The festival started at Golden Gate Park from 12-5pm with lots of bands and performances. The speakers and amplification system was entirely powered by humans pedaling about 20 bicycles with generators on them, all hooked up in series. It was incredible! Then, the festival packed itself up and rode 4 miles down the road to Showplace Triangle in Potrero, with a live rapper named Fossil Fool performing along the way, and then set the stage up and speakers and bicycles again, and continued having a festival from 6-10pm. They did this simply for the fun of it, simply because they can, and because bicycles can do just about anything. The ride down to Potrero was so much fun, a large bike mob about three blocks long. Sure, we stopped some traffic and pissed some cars off, but people were pouring out of shops and restaurants, taking photos, laughing and smiling at the amazingness of this bicycle festival on the move. There were four speakers on bicycles hooked up throughout the three blocks (through radio frequency or something?), so even though Fossil Fool was performing at the front, everyone could enjoy. Amazing! The performers (many of them eco-rappers) will be the subject of a post down the line. Lots of talent at the festival.

Hot Bike, on the move in Golden Gate Park!

Also featured at the festival was my new friend Rose “Slam” Johnson’s amazing food bicycle — the aptly named “Hot Bike”. Rigged off the back of a sturdy Yuba bicycle, the propane griddles fire up delicious tacos (sweet bean, roasted vegetable) and grilled cheeses (bacon + cheddar, swiss + pickled apples, mozzarella + caramelized onions, and a vegan option too). Tacos were the afternoon option, and grilled cheese at night (I assisted in cooking and feeding all the hungry bicyclists). Slam’s Hot Bike is completely mobile, as you can see above. Propane tank on one side, cooler on the other, other packages/goodies on top. No big deal. Look up Apothocurious (Slam’s food operation) if you’re looking for a fun chef for your next event. Some more photos from the event below, just click on the photo to scroll through.

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