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In pursuit of delicious jian bing…

2011 December 29
by sustainable john

I have an idea. Most who have heard my idea say, “Why would you want to do that?” But people who have spent time in Beijing immediately understand my idea and have said they will be there when I sell my first jian bing off of the back of a three-wheeled bike in the East Bay.

This is a jian bing: a Beijing breakfast crepe filled with egg, scallion, cilantro, hoisin sauce, hot pepper, and a piece of fried dough. It literally means fried pancake. Delicious, scrumptous, hao chi… The breakfast of champions and the perfect late night snack.

This is a three-wheeled bike, the sturdy and fearless “san lun che”. In Beijing, these are very commonly seen for transporting recyclables, Grandma, or a mobile food operation.

Follow me on my journey as I seek to create, permit, and operate a successful mobile food-cart operation in the East Bay. I’ll likely face many hurdles, especially if I want to sell in Berkeley, since they play by their own special set of detailed bureaucratic procedures, separate from the rest of Alameda County. But nothing is going to stop me from bringing delicious jian bing to the masses.

  • Luosha

    how’s the mission going?? i’ve never ever seen jianbing in the US and i crave it so bad! update!

  • Mike
  • fasterfind

    I would love to follow your journey. Can you link the related posts together into a chain? I want to click on ‘next’

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