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My new propane griddle: best investment ever?

2012 May 8
by susty

Had a little party yesterday and cooked up about a dozen jian bings for my friends on my new propane fired Krampouz crepe griddle. This may be one of the wisest investments I’ve ever made. The heating is incredibly intense but easily controlled and evenly distributed. Not sure quickly it runs through a tank of gas yet, but I am very pleased with the way my new jian bings are turning out. Next step: get a trike! I also want to work on my packaging…

You know the drill here… batter, egg, green onion, cilantro, then…. the flip (!), hoisin, fermented tofu, spicy sauce, black sesame seeds, and now using three fried wonton wrappers for an extra crispy tri-fold jian bing. It’s so beautiful and delicious…


I was at First Friday’s in Oakland this past Friday, and there was a hipster with a trike (push cart, one wheel and seat in the back, two wheels in the front) serving up “mini tacos”. He basically just assembled the tacos with pre-made ingredients, nothing special, pretty lame actually. Ha, look at me, not even launched yet but already dissing the competition. Anyways, it seems like First Friday’s is a good place to launch my trike and test out the market for sure.

lame mini taco trike

  • Edna

    Oh Susty, the taco trike is not that lame.. you gotta give a guy props for trying! I think it works for him and the many customers he had. You should take your girdle out there though, those jings (jian bings) were delicious!!!

    • sustainablejohn

      alright i give him props for trying, but the product is not unique in SF.

  • Andmyr16

    Can you tell me the recipe for your batter?

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