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New rap: All of the above, live in DC @ busboys and poets

2012 March 20

Obama’s (reelection) energy strategy, “all of the above”, is not compatible with his long lost climate goals. This rap, performed last week in DC, is a gentle reminder that we’re looking at him for the leadership.

Yo Obama, check it, now I aint disrespecting
But I got a couple things to say, a little checklist
On your climate and energy policies
And what I’m afraid is a major discrepancy
Now I see you looking at our energy choices
And I know you’re listening to a bunch of political voices
And well, Mr. President you know how to spread the love
And so you choose “all of the above”

All of the above, is that an energy strategy?
Or is it more like a recipe for tragedy?
You say all of the above, I say business as usual
Cause I think that policy’s gonna be a bit ineffectual
All of the above means more gas more oil
And that means the temp will rise and we’re just gonna boil

All of the above, more like all of the below
You got an oil deposit and a big gas escrow
Looks like you rolled up to Mc D’s and saw fracking on the value menu
A cheap political win to ensure you a longer tenure
Burn coal, burn oil, yeah we’ll be burning for sure
And you’ll be in Arlington, chomping down on Ray’s hell burger

All of the above…that’s what you pick on the test when you don’t know the answer.
But you see the thing with this climate is that we can’t take a chance with her
Oh I got a test question for you Mr. President
Can you stand up, face the facts, and set a precedent
Lead this country, lead the world for a stable climate, full of prosperity
Powered by truly low carbon energy

All of the above, I’m talking wind, talking solar
Those are heaven’s fuels, aren’t you a high roller?
Well maybe you can afford to spare a political dollar
If you want a carbon price, then let me hear you holler
You gotta own this Obama, don’t blame the lame duck
You can lead, save our climate, if you really give a f***

Listen, Obama, I’m giving you a lot less credit than you deserve
Well that’s tough love man, but you can be mad sure
That come November you got my support
I just hope for the climate record, you don’t fall short

  • Jeremy

    I’m not a poet I’m a 6’3 mandarin-speaking eco-rapper.

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